Aesthetic Innovations

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  “Aesthetic Innovations” presents two completely novel approaches to
artistic creation by Stephen Green and Brett Loving. Adding further
intrigue to the exhibition, both artists created their artworks using
materials previously unrealized for aesthetic purposes. In one
circumstance, Green paints exclusively using layers of
Austrian-Economic philosophy, while Loving exclusively paints with a
42.000lbs excavator.  

Brett Loving

Brett Loving is renowned for his large textural abstract artworks. His  unique works are created using a 42.000lbs excavator,  oil paint and custom made attachments as squeegees and paintbrushes.

 The tremendous force used in Brett’s innovative application process is  so complete that the pigments become embedded into the painting  surface. The extreme force of the application is balanced by the  delicate control of the artist masterfully blending the colors and  textures from his artistic cockpit above his canvas.

 The diffusion of colors and textures within Brett’s work creates the  feeling of limitless depth paired with an overarching sense of  serenity. With simplistic movements he is creating a three-dimensional roam. Brett’s artworks are often inspired by the tranquility of  nature, particularly his home on the East End of Long Island. In  addition to these artworks, Brett is also well-known for his  sculptures and earthwork installations.

 See more of Brett’s art here: www.brettloving.com 

Stephen Green

Stephen Green’s ongoing series “Mengerian Aesthetics” is a layered, contemplative mixture of traditional artistic media and metaphysicalexposition. His expressive urban style explores the depths of Austrianeconomics underscoring the reality of the tenuous nature of humanfreedom. Green’s raw autodidactic style is uniquely juxtaposed to theacademic philosophy which comprise his images. His vanguard work urgesviewers to reflect on the often forgotten origin of beauty; freedom.

Green’s paintings explore the origin of what is unconditionally beautiful. Beauty is a subjective concept and therefore cannot becategorical. Accordingly, the only absolute pertaining to beauty isone’s right to choose what is beautiful. Green’s work is a celebrationof this unheralded prerequisite of beauty; freedom. Many of Green’s artworks are created entirely through painting layersof text from a single piece of literature. As the layers ofpolychromatic text build up on the canvases, a pointillist-like imageemerges. Green’s uncompromisingly laborious process adds a richabstract texture to the paintings and is a tribute to both, Americanindustriousness and the brilliant free market philosophy of theoriginal authors. Green’s series is inspired by Carl Menger and themany disciples of the Austrian School.

See more of Green’s art work here: www.MuseumofAwesomeArt.com


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